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Jump-On-Board (JOB) Attachments

This is a special 9-month program for foreign participants designed to give an in-depth working experience for newly graduated or new-to-the industry participants a comprehensive work experience so that they can return home a fully-trained-in-Singapore Logistician!


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Why Singapore?

Singapore was voted by the World Bank to be the best-scoring nation in the Logistics Performance Index in 2023. Scoring tops in 5 of the 6 components of the Index and 2nd in the only other component, Singapore is a live demonstration between the public-private partnership in delivering outstanding service quality in a key growth sector for an entrepot. By coming to Singapore, you will learn how to emulate such results in your own country! And together, the world becomes a better-integrated, faster growing, collaborative ecosystem!

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Features of the Program

This program is conducted in English and participants would be selected by the company as part of its high-potential talent development programme.


Work Sponsorship 

In order to be able to work and learn for 9 months in Singapore, you will have to be sponsored by a hiring company. They will be responsible for applying for a Training Employment Pass (TEP) based on a quota that your government can secure, arrange housing, administer the training allowance you provide and all related administrations.


Week 2: Job Attachment at YCH

As the foremost Experiential Workplace Learning organisation, SCALA enlists the facilities and mentorship of our Corporate Partners and Members to assign operational tasks to participants to gain a richer learning experience. For the first 3 months, participants will be assigned to business operations. Following that, they will be assigned to either business development or operations excellence, taking on a supervisory position, if found suitable.


8 Modules of Classroom Training

Each month, participants will attend 16 hours of classroom learning on these modules:

  • Techniques to achieve supply chain optimization

  • Optimising warehouse layout design

  • Designing automation technology for warehouse and transport operations

  • Warehouse inventory control and audit

  • Develop and implement transport management plans

  • Logistics solution product / project management

  • Risk management and administration

  • Process improvement and optimization


Weekly Mentor Check-in

As a foreigner living in and work-learning in a new environment, it can sometimes be quite daunting. We understand that, and so each participant will be assigned a mentor from SCALA who will support the participants throughout the 9 months and who will be checking in with them weekly in a group basis (unless more personal matters demand a one-on-one consultation). They will also plot the progress of the participants and provide a quick update for SCALA and for the sponsoring government.


Visits to key logistics facilities

Being in Singapore, it is worthwhile to learn what other logistics operators do that contribute to Singapore being the Number One position in the Logistics Performance Index (LPI). As such, industry visits to the Singapore Ports run by PSA, the supply chain control tower by Fairprice GLS, the Centre of Innovation for logistics and supply chain run by Republic Polytechnic, cold chain experts Lineage Logistics to understand how food safety is ensured, will be a key highlight of this program.


End of Program Capstone

Participants will work on a capstone project that will highlight all the learning that they had acquired throughout their time in Singapore. This can be presented either in the participants' home country (and livestreamed to Singapore), or the other way around.


Attainment of CSSCP Certification

As part of the learning curriculum, participants will also acquire ISCEA Certification for Sustainable Supply Chain Professional which is a worldwide recognised certification that participants can use on their namecard and CV.

A One-Of-Its-Kind Experience

"This is for sure the most exciting, practical and effective Experiential Workplace Learning program in the world!" 

Dr Robert Yap

Executive Chairman YCH Group 
President of Singapore National Employers' Federation


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