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Jobs Redesign & Reskilling (JRR) CCP

Impact of technology on jobs

The dawn of Digital Logistics and Supply Chain is already upon us. Goods are stuffed and unstuffed by autonomous vehicles, inventory count is done by drones, and AS/RS allows us to store and retrieve without any human intervention, and therefore the whole warehouse is dark,  becoming more sustainable. 


Route optimisation software allows us to schedule the most efficient route at the most optimal time to meet the delivery needs of customers. All without the need for traffic planners anymore. And with cloud technology, allows you to oversee your operations anywhere in the world! 


All these technologies are already upon us but some companies hesitate to embark on such transformation because they fear that the cost of such tech solutions are too high, or that if they were to implement them, their loyal staff would get displaced, and that will affect morale in the whole company.

Changing business models & Sustainability requirements

Other organizations may already have their tech solutions in place; but face a different challenge. The business landscape is changing, especially with the advent of decarbonisation. With Scope 3 emissions impacting all aspects of the supply chain, and Singapore's Green Plan which will see net zero emission by 2050, and a progressively increasing carbon tax from 2024, logistics companies cannot sit by and wait for the changes to come onto them, they have to embark it now. This will see the introduction and growth of sustainability-related job roles like the Green Supply Chain Manager, Circular Economy Specialist, Waste Management Coordinator and Carbon Footprint Analyst.


Roles will now need to be enlarged as companies pivot from the traditional job roles to GREEN roles. Training will be required, processes will need to change, the business model itself will have to evolve.


Yet, this need not be scary! SCALA has teamed up with sustainability experts, organizational consultants and technical professionals to help you structure your new organisation. Together, we can help you map a series of upskilling and reskilling events so that you can quickly and safely deploy.

How we can help

Strategic Business Review

Recommendation of tech solution / business model redesign

Jobs Redesign

Application to JRR CCP

Embark on 3-month on-the-job training (OJT) & transform the business from the inside out

Unlocking the Value of the JRR CCP

Any change in your business model, either with introduction of technology, or changing of processes due to changing business landscape or the adoption of sustainability concepts, would require some job roles to be reconfigured. Perhaps the manual stock-taker would transition from physical counting of stock to the operation of a drone with the implementation of new technology. Such job role changes would require a brand new job description, detailed role definition and finally, training in the role. These take both time and MONEY.

The JRR CCP is designed to address these issues. 

Once you think that you want to embark on business transformation based on digitalization, operational effectiveness or sustainability, call SCALA. Because with the JRR CCP, you would be able to cover your costs to all these activities, and still have some more left over.

Let us give you an example:


ASSUMING you want to embark on a tech solution that will improve warehouse efficiency. The cost of your solution is $25,000. Assuming further that you engage a business redesign consultant that charges you $50,000 to scope the project, redesign your operational processes and design the new job roles, creating new JDs. After redesigning the new workflow, it was identified that 3 job roles of 8 people who are locals (SC or SPR) will need to be reskilled.  

Funding Calculation

If 50% of your staff to be reskilled are 40 years old or older, and that the average salary of these staff is $4,000, then the salary support that you will receive as a result of the CCP is:

For those 40 years and older:
$4,000 x 90% funding per month x 3 mths x 4 pax = $43,200


For those below 40 years old: 
$4,000 x 70% funding per month x 3 mths x 4 pax = $33,600


This covers the total cost of the project and still has $1,800 left over.

Call us for clarity

Of course, the above example is just an illustration and all amounts are assumed. Also, if more people are impacted by the change, the funding amount is larger.

If you want to know what tech solutions you can deploy, or you want an estimate from SCALA's list of Consultants, do not hesitate to CALL US

We will then come over to your office, understand your current business model, assess your pain points, present the different tech solutions that typical companies in the industry adopt with success, share with you the different consulting and training solutions to you, and finally, work out a back-of-the-napkin funding based on the typical archetypes that operate in this industry. We do all this without any cost to you! You only start committing when you make the decision to move forward!

The JRR CCP is a very versatile funding mechanism to help you 



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