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The CPLM program is designed to help logistics professionals to demonstrate deep understanding on the concepts and skills of modern logistics management. Three major areas are covered in the CPLM program, namely (i) the logistics overview, strategy, and design; (ii) the logistics core functions, and (iii) the contemporary issues. With CPLM designation, you are recognized by your peers by the mastery of common logistics vocabulary, principles, best practices, and decision tools.


Upon completion of the graded exam, you will be provided an internationally recognised accreditation by the ISCEA (International Supply Chain Education Alliance).

Certified Professional in Logistics Management

  • Part 1: Logistics Overview, Strategy & Design

    Part 2: Logistics Core Functions

    Part 3: Contemporary Issues

    Perfect program for: 

    • Professionals working in the broad areas of logistics and supply chain management with working experiences who aspire for an increase in professional value and advancement of future career. 

    • Organizations that need to equip their team with knowledge and skills required to make strategic changes in the field of logistics and supply chain management. 

    • Individuals, such as consultants and academics in the field of logistics and supply chain management who wish to demonstrate better knowledge and skills and gain better recognition. 


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