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The Certified Forecaster and Demand Planner (CFDP) certification is internationally accredited by the IISB (ISCEA International Standard Board). It guarantees that its bearer is familiar with quantitative, qualitative and causal forecasting models that will maximize profits by providing a balance between demand and supply. A CFDP is able to understand different perspectives within the organization to reach forecast consensus while maintaining demand plans aligned with strategic objectives.


Upon completion of the graded exam, you will be provided an internationally recognised accreditation by the ISCEA (International Supply Chain Education Alliance).

Certified Forecaster & Demand Planner

  • Perfect program for: 

    • Forecasters. 

    • Demand Planners. 

    • Professionals coordinating the planning processes within their organization. 

    • Organizations in need to improve their balance between supply and demand. 

    • Proactive professionals looking to stand out in the eyes of recruiters or current employers. 


    Course includes: 

    • 21 online modules tutored by an experienced supply chain expert. 

    • Discussion panel to interact with tutor. 

    • Study guide with all course slides. 

    • Excel examples and exercises. 

    • Self assessment quizzes in each module. 


    Certification Exam Details 

    Multiple choice exam: (70% minimum pass mark) 

    Pre-Requisites: None. 


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