Supply Chain & Logistics Academy (SCALA) provides industry-led and experiential workplace learning to build capabilities and develop talents for the logistics industry. A programme partner of Workforce Singapore (WSG), SCALA prepares talents who are keen to pursue a career in the industry, by equipping them with the needed skills and competencies to be successful in their new jobs and career. We seek to nurture diverse talents in the industry to continue to upgrade their skills to be Future-of-Work proof..

We empower organisations and their talent to build new capabilities, leverage new technologies and innovate new business models.


Career Conversion Programmes

WSG Career Conversion Programmes (CCPs) are targeted at Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians (PMETs), to undergo skills conversion and move into new occupations with potential for growth.

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SCALA Future Skills

Certificates, Corporate Training and Masterclasses delivering critical knowledge & skills, emerging technologies & new business models, such as Data Science, Ecommerce and Logistics Solutioning.

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Job Matching

Logistics Placement Accelerator

SCALA helps talent from outside the logistics industry to gain a foothold in it, and those within to embrace innovation and change to further enhance it.

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Empowering Supply Chains with Future Skills

SCALA helps companies and individuals upskill, build new capabilities and leverage technologies in impactful and innovative ways, by providing courses like the Digital Supply Chain Courses, and WSG’s Career Conversion Programmes (formerly known as Professional Conversion Programmes).

Supply Chain Career Conversion Programme

Logistics Career Conversion Programme

AI for Leaders in Supply Chain Management

Deep Learning with Python using Supply Chains and Logistics

Machine Learning with Python for Supply Chains and Logistics

Upskilling and Reskilling the Logistics Workforce

SCALA helps talent from outside the logistics industry to gain a foothold in it, and those within to embrace innovation and change to further enhance it. Programmes such as the Redeployment Career Conversion Programme help employees adapt to changes impacting the industry by upskilling.

Mid-career switcher from Logistics CCP checking inventory in the warehouse


Companies We Work With

Join over 200 companies that have placed and trained new hires in SCALA's CCP and received course fee grant and salary support for eligible new hires.

The salary support has greatly alleviated our manpower costs since we are a non-profit Social Enterprise startup trying to build a critical mass in the wholesale and retail sector, using e-commerce as a strategic tool. The lower cost was critical for our survival in the midst of a tough economy undergoing restructuring.

The salary support has helped to accelerate our expansion plans. The invaluable training materials are very informative, and allow my staff to think about various possible scenarios in the workplace.

As a tech-enabled logistics company, we play in a highly competitive industry and need all the support given. SCALA's Logistic Professional Conversion Programme (LPCP) has been very helpful in extending understanding on the needs of logistics operations to help our employees be more effective.

Our employees applied the concepts from the classroom training to transform and digitize our supply chain processes to great effect. As a company of over 26 years in oil and gas equipment trading, it is very timely that we get this opportunity to understand and implement industry best practices in today's digital age.

The mentors who were assigned to them had many years of experience and who selflessly share their knowledge. The projects enabled them to think from different perspectives and are beneficial to their employers.