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Executive Programs

This is a 2-week program for foreign participants designed to give an executive overview of the logistics and supply chain industry in Singapore.

Why Singapore?

Singapore was voted by the World Bank to be the best-scoring nation in the Logistics Performance Index in 2023. Scoring tops in 5 of the 6 components of the Index and 2nd in the only other component, Singapore is a live demonstration between the public-private partnership in delivering outstanding service quality in a key growth sector for an entrepot. By coming to Singapore, you will learn how to emulate such results in your own country! And together, the world becomes a better-integrated, faster growing, collaborative ecosystem!

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Image courtesy of Marina Bay Sands


Features of the Program


Week 1: Classroom & Visits

Up to 8 discussion modules can be designed into the mornings of the first week. The afternoons are reserved for site visits. These visits showcase the different elements of the LPI so that participants fully appreciate how Singapore achieved LPI#1, and how they can help attain that target in their home country.


Real-World Problem Solution

Participants will be provided with a real-world problem statement of which they will apply the lessons learnt from the whole program to solve. These presented can be livestreamed to the sponsoring country so that they can be jointly assessed by judges in both countries.


Plug-and-Play Program Content

As SCALA is a content expert in this industry, we are able to create bite-sized, fully modular content to be plugged into Week 1 to meet the learning objectives of their own program. It could be a Future Women Leaders program, or a Future-Tech Users program, or an eCommerce Operations program. All content is fully customised, created and delivered by experts in the field.


Week 2: Job Attachment at YCH

As the foremost Experiential Workplace Learning organisation, SCALA enlists the facilities and mentorship of YCH Group to assign operational tasks to participants to gain a richer learning experience. Hence, Week 2 comprises work attachments at YCH Group under different business units.


Hosted Lunches

Lunch is a specially curated sit-down affair where a host who is a senior leader in the industry will come and spend time with the participants and share key career and learning points to showcase the attractiveness of the industry to the participants.


Optional extras

From behind-the-scenes tours at the wildlife park or a yacht cruise around the Southern Islands to understand how waste is managed through our landfills, SCALA can also help organise weekend tours so that participants see the other sides of Singapore through a specially curated tour that is not available to the general public.

These tours are OPTIONAL and will be charged additionally based on minimum participation numbers.

Take a peek... 

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