Supply Chain of the Future

How to build Agile, Resilient and Innovative Supply Chains

The Covid-19 outbreak is but one of many shocks that led to multiple demand and supply stressors affecting supply chains worldwide. Given the recurrent and diverse risks of natural and man-made disruptions, supply chain and logistics, and it’s resilience its innovation, became hot topics. Now we know, supply networks make our world. They will also make or break our future. They are the “blood flow” of our economy and society.

A practical example of a wake-up call: our flow of goods was interrupted during the pandemic with the suspension of container services, freight reroutes and “blank sailings”, where global shipping companies were ordering vessels to skip entire strings of ports. This led to an increase in transportation and storage costs and the abnormal risk of failure to deliver and to fulfill contractual obligations.

Managements need to understand these risks and help shape contingency plans, build well thought-out and agile solutions for future supply chains while not adversely impacting existing operations:

  • What is the extent of the current crisis and how are businesses responding?
  • How can businesses evolve and build the flexibility to deal with future disruptions?
  • What are the critical questions that organisations must ask?



Kuntha Chelvanathan

Partner, Consulting Services

Lead Partner, Supply Chain and Operations, Singapore

EY Global Leader of Procurement Capability

Ernst & Young Advisory Pte. Ltd.


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  • Kuntha Chelvanathan
    Kuntha Chelvanathan
    Partner, Supply Chain and Operations | Consulting

    Kuntha leads the EY supply chain and operations practice in Singapore and is the EY Global Leader for the Procurement Capability. She specializes in supply chain, procurement and operations strategy, transformation programs, and related technology implementation.