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Founded by Dr Robert Yap in 2016, Supply Chain & Logistics Academy, or more affectionately known as SCALA, is an industry-level training institute that helps organisations unleash the hidden value in their supply chains.

By providing courses like the Logistics Career Conversion Programme (CCP), Supply Chain CCP and Digital Supply Chain Masterclass, SCALA helps talent from outside the industry to gain a foothold in it, and those inside the industry to embrace innovation and change. With over 2500 members, SCALA’s Corporate Network bands like- minded companies together to create a virtuous cycle of learning and development.


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In today’s markedly changed trading environment, brought about by the ongoing pandemic as well as geo-political shifts; the only thing that is certain in global supply chains is uncertainty. There are new scenarios that our operations team members have to deal with every day especially to support our company’s export-dependent sales growth. The best we can do is hire the right people with the right aptitude and put them through rigorous training to prepare them for the wide range of supply chain related issues they will face.
In this respect, SCALA’s training programmes have equipped our new operations team members with the knowledge/skills to perform a wider range of tasks; but most importantly, imparted understanding that their roles are multi-dimensional and that their tasks can only be accomplished by working with key participants up and down the chain from suppliers to sales to manufacturing to after-sales service and of course, customers. The training also allows new team members to understand that their value to the organization is not from performing routine data-entry/manual tasks but rather analyzing processes/data etc and innovating to improve them; to allow the company to achieve more with what we have.

–  Andy Ong, Managing Director, Corlison / Pearlie White

Our Services

Career Conversion Programmes

Employers who hire mid-career switchers or redeploying current employee in a new role can enrol the affected employees in the Career Conversion Programme and receive salary support

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Career Advisory

Individuals who wish to enter the logistics or supply chain industry can receive advice through our advisory service

Logistics Placement Accelerator

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Upskilling and Reskilling Courses

To keep pace with transformation in the logistics and supply chain industry, professionals can attend our wide range of courses to enhance their employ-ability

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Board of Advisors

Teo Ser Luck

Special Advisor to the Board

Chairman, Nufin Data

Special Advisor  Teo Ser Luck

Dr. Robert Yap

Chairman, SCALA Board of Advisors

Executive Chairman, YCH Group

Chairman of the Board - Dr Robert Yap

Chairman, Sakae Holdings Pte Ltd

Douglas Foo

Professor Emeritus of Finance (Practice), Singapore Management University

Professor Annie Koh

Anthony Heng

Executive Director, Mandai Link Logistics

Anthony Heng

Jonathan Asherson

Director, J Asherson Associates Pte Ltd

Jonathan Asherson

Robert De Souza

Executive Director / CEO at The Logistics Institute - Asia Pacific (National University of Singapore)

Robert De Souza

Chairman, Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association

Andrew Chong

Sundi Aiyer

Senior Partner Development Leader, Amazon Web Services

Sundir Ayer

Managing Director, Enterprise Development Board

Yeoh Keat Chuan

Chief Executive Officer, Philips Electronics

Ivy Lai

Senior Director, Head of Nvidia AI Technology Centre

Simon See