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Logistics and Supply Chain Corporate Seminar and Networking

Seminar Synopsis Globally, the logistics sector is evolving rapidly amidst economic, regulatory and technological advancements. These global disruptions have a cascading effect on the logistics sector in Singapore, affecting jobs roles, skills and technology application. This half-day corporate seminar and networking is designed to help participants understand the various forces that are affecting the logistic […]

Workforce Transformation in Industry 4.0 – Support for Singapore Enterprises

Webinar on Workforce Tranformation Schemes from Workforce Singapore

Topics: Government funded programmes and workforce transformation schemes to support Singapore SMEs in wholesale, logistics and manufacturing businesses. Synopsis: The transition to digitalisation has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. As companies emerge from the crisis, many businesses are forced to transform their operations to meet changes in consumer behaviours and customer expectations. A Mckinsey […]

Technology Adoption & Tackling Manpower Needs for the Furniture Trade

Topics: Digitalization for the Furniture Trade, WSG Career Conversion Programmes, Government Grants for Business Transformation Synopsis: In this webinar, businesses in the furniture trade can explore the digital space to present and sell their products to the masses. Participants will learn to incorporate their individual brand and style into their digital marketing efforts, gain insights […]

Government Schemes to Assist Business Owners Adopt Technology & Tackle Manpower Concerns

Government Schemes to Assist Business Owners Adopt Technology & Tackle Manpower Concerns

Topics: Government funded programmes and schemes to support Singapore retailers, distributors and manufacturing businesses. Synopsis: For many business owners, it is paramount to adopt new technologies and pivot their business models  to stay relevant and be competitive in Industry 4.0. The Singapore Government has provided many initiatives to help small businesses adopt new technology and […]