Questions of Tomorrow: Cloud, AI & 5G, Oh My!

First in our series of talks titled: Questions of Tomorrow where SCALA invites and hosts industry leaders, tech visionaries and subject matter experts to speak about the future of the Supply Chain & Logistics sector.

2/3s of the world top 1000 enterprises are making digital transformation as their strategic core in 2020 and beyond. Emerging technologies, such as 5G, Cloud Technologie and AI, enables organisation to achieve sustainable growth in business by delivering value to customers brought about by digitalization of the supply chain and logistics. Although many enterprises have invested in digital transformation, their efforts are still hindered by insufficiencies in IT implementation. In this session, our three speakers gave us a look at the impact of 5G, Cloud Technologies and AI on supply chain and discuss real-world case studies of successful digital transformation.


Our three speakers, (from left) Patrick Ho, Patrick Low and Dr Robert De Souza taking questions from our in-person participants.

Our esteemed guest, Mr. Patrick Low, speaking on the technologies that Huawei’s 5G can enable for the present and the future.

Speaking to participants from all over the supply chain sector, Mr Patrick Low provided an in-depth dive into the practical applications of 5G and the impact they bring.

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