This module is aimed at supervisors and managers with responsibility for statistic report generation, data analyzing and process improvement. The occupations that this program would be relevant to include but is not limited to the following:

(i) Supervisors and managers with specific responsibilities for process improvement and productivity improvements.
(ii) Other supply chain executives involved in operations work.

Supply chain management flows consists of these three main flows:
1) The product flow
2) The information flow
3) The finances flow

The product flow usually involves movement of products from a supplier to a customer, and also the back end process such as any customer returns or service needs.

The information flow involves the flow of information on orders and updating the status of delivery.

The financial flow consists of credit terms, payment schedules, and consignment and title ownership arrangements.

These three flows are all quantifiable, actionable data that with the right level of analysis will provide new avenues to improve business processes and generate value for your company.

This module will equip the trainee with the knowledge of typical data generated from the various supply chain management system and skills to use a Microsoft excel function to interpret data for process improvement and enhancing quality of data.

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