What is Strategic Planning?

According to Bain & Company,

“Strategic Planning is a comprehensive process for determining what a business should become and how it can best achieve that goal. It appraises the full potential of a business and explicitly links the business’s objectives to the actions and resources required to achieve them. Strategic Planning offers a systematic process to ask and answer the most critical questions confronting a management team—especially large, irrevocable resource commitment decisions.”

Take a look at our end-to-end process again. In our definition of end-to-end, we do not simply start from suppliers to customers (the classic supply chain end-to-end view), but we enlarge it to start with the customer to the customer.

As such, our first module was Customer Management, where we applied tools to understand our customer better and to see where we stand vis-a-vis their expectations of service quality. Such insights allow us to identify areas where we can improve the business, and apply new processes.

Next, we looked at supply chain solutioning. This allows us to uncover our own product and data flows, understanding what may be hindering and what may be enhancing the process. This again allows us to uncover the areas where we can improve the business.

Now, we will look at strategic planning – the next bubble item in our end-to-end chain. In this module, we will take an expansive look at strategy planning not simply in resource management, but also in market analysis and operating model flow (which should tie back to your own supply chain model).

The objective of this module is to develop resource allocation plans and implementation of strategies and policies.

The knowledge focus are

– resource management,
– operating model flow and
– market analysis.

At the end of the module, you should be able to

A. develop resource management allocation plans to the right investment opportunities of the organisation

B. Review your organisation’s strategic plans to consider various life cycles and on-going trends, and

C. Develop corporate policies aligned with overall strategic direction

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