In a typical supply chain, an individual is would assume that it begins with supplier and ends with the final product being delivered to a customer.

In SCALA’s Supply Chain PCP (SCPCP), trainees will learn about the value chain, an expanded concept that refocuses an organization’s start and end points.

Hence, the true-end-to-end value chain begins with Customer Insights and ends with Customer Service.

Knowing your customer, understanding their needs, identifying the jobs to be done, the solutions that are currently deployed, and the white space of business opportunity – allowing trainees to drive value creation and build new opportunities for their businesses.

Here is just an overview of what trainees will learn in the module:

1. Service Opportunities.
These are situations where you can add more value to the customer experience, and in so doing, also afford greater brand, product or service loyalty.

So if you want to build greater customer value, increase your service opportunities!

2. Post-Sales Follow-ups
What do you do once the sale is complete? For many people, they move on to the next sale. Yet, developing post-sales follow-ups is a better and surer way to increase top-of-mind with your customer, increase brand awareness and loyalty, and increase sales. In addition, it allows you to understand the ups and downs of the customer journey, allowing you to “fix” what is not working!

3. Service Quality Gaps
Speaking of what is not working, did you know that there are 7 opportunities where we can slip up in our service quality? And the worst thing is, we might not even be aware of them!

4. Service Quality Tool
Okay… so now you know that there are 7 potential service gaps… how do you know where YOUR gaps are? Hence, we share 8 different service quality tools that you can use, and then ZOOM IN on the one major tool, SERVQUAL.

5. Design your own audit
As part of this program, you will use these ideas to develop your very own customer service audit, identifying the service gaps, and suggesting ways to improve your company’s service quality. Along the way, you will also design a post-sale protocol so that your company’s service standards are improved and maintained!

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