Supply Chain & Logistics Executive Workshop

Eligibility Criteria:

We invite all professionals, managers, executives and technicians (PMETs) who are:​

  • currently unemployed​, or

  • at risk of, or have been informed that they will be subject to, retrenchment, or

  • seeking to move into the supply chain & logistic industry from another sector

who fulfill the following criteria for PCP eligibility:

  • Singaporeans or Singapore Permanent Residents

  • Diploma and above qualifications

  • Fresh graduates who are not eligible for Earn & Learn Programme (ELP)

Industry (Step 1)

The logistics industry in Singapore is ever-evolving. As new technology threatens to disrupt traditional logistics processes, one must remain agile and aware of where the industry is in the present, and where it is heading for the future.


This is Step Zero in the Six-Step selection process. 

Resume (Step 2)

A password is required to access the page, please complete quiz in the "Industry" section above to acquire the password.

Note that you must submit a resume prior to attending the SCLEW.

This is Step One in the Six-Step selection process. 

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