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SCALA-IN is an open site that allows employers keen to hire Singaporean or Singapore PRs into their supply chain or logistics roles. Each of these candidates has successfully completed the Supply Chain & Logistics Executive Workshop and deemed to have the suitable behavioural competencies for conversion into the industry.

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A charismatic supply chain and compliance specialist with over 20 years of experience in demanding environments.  Possess effective management and interpersonal skills.   Tenacious in realising the vision and goals of a company, through leadership, and, the introduction of lean operations.  Focussed on delivering quality and business process re-engineering.  Able to introduce systematic solutions, whilst mentoring and motivating team members.

Area of Competencies

  • Customer-centric with a focus on business development.

  • Confident and poised in interactions with individuals at all levels.

  • Identify and implement technological solutions.

  • Initiate security, safety and best practices in accordance with an organizational needs and regulatory requirements. 

  • Quick learner, able to grasp situational details quickly and accurately.


Experienced Engineer in Maintenance and Procurement processes. A great team player with positive attitude and has strong passion in learning new things. Liaised with OEM's, Suppliers, Cross-Functional departments and ensured minimum disruption to production. Key achievements include Think Customer Team Recognition Award for excellent cross-functional team work and Management Innovation Endeavor Award for reducing process cycle time.

Area of Competencies

  • MRO Purchasing

  • SAP MM Module

  • Problem Solving

  • Team Work

  • Adaptability


Multi-skilled office worker turned trainer-lecturer with qualified certifications and experience.  Worked in reputed MNC and local companies.  Involved in overseas projects to set up Vocational Institute and local projects in mindset changes and employability.  Recognised as dependable to handle million-dollar budgets.

Area of Competencies

  • Operational Excellence in successful completion of projects’ objectives

  • Manage People Capability for good results in project works and assessment papers

  • Data Collection and Preparation for stakeholders’ decision making and budgets

  • Communicator with Proven Results with different levels of stakeholders

  • Problem Solving Skills to manage changing work situations

JC Nash

Over 15 years of Customer Management experience, spanning over various industries, with proven people management skills.  Ability to carry out any tasks with a Can-Do attitude for the success of the organisation.  Thrive on learning new things and contended only when raised issues are resolved. 


Areas of competencies.

  1. Excellent Communication & Customer service skills with ability to relate with people from all walk of life;

  2. Result driven to achieve process improvement, increased customer satisfaction and quality of service;

  3. Inquisitive & Detailed when solving raised concerns - with aim of rectifying and prevention;

  4. Patient & Passionate to serve, impart gained knowledge and motivate those around me;

  5. Meticulous with reports and numbers while carrying out task with Cost Savings mentality. 


Accomplished regional sales & marketing professional since 1992 with a proven track record of bottom-line results with leading furniture brands in the B2B contract and retail markets.  Successfully execute exciting initiatives - pioneering of new products, distribution in new markets & improving supply chain. Effective in communication, networking, organisational & problem solving skills


Areas of competencies.

  1. Business Development

  2. Product Management

  3. Project Management

  4. Team building

  5. Design thinking 


Over 7 years’ experience in project management, focusing on R&D and micro-controller (semiconductor) product development for consumer applications like home automation, secure devices and compact laptop power adapters. Have worked with startups while managing a technology incubator program. 


Areas of competencies.

  1. PMP certified project manager

  2. Good knowledge of product development processes, data and system analysis

  3. Strong communication and collaborative skills

  4. Eye for operational details and process improvements

  5. Experience working with start-ups (familiar with both waterfall and agile methodologies)


18-years of experience in International Commodities Trade sector, having represented Start-up as well as highly matrix-ed MNC across the global trade & supply chain acting as prime-supplier, end-user and intermediary trading houses. Having handled “Across-the-Barrels” oil products in “Front-to-End” (aka “Quote-to-Cash”) of cargo / logistics operations as well as “Front, Middle and Back Office” duties (Trade / Supply / Demand position monitoring, Contract negotiation, Opts / Logistics, Bank Financing till Settlement) within span of career, I’ve demonstrated ability to provide solutions in Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (“VUCA”) environment covering depth and breadth towards projects solutions management where understanding of priorities and operational risk are critical. I have demonstrated technical capabilities managing and resolving day-to-day operational issues and at macro level, I’ve demonstrated ability to link complex business processes, worked with matrix of internal & external stakeholders (service vendors), conducting needs / risks analysis, user-trials and trainings for solutions projects (e.g. CTRM tender project and implementation; CLM tactical contract lifecycle management), process re-engineering and policy work.


Areas of competencies.

  1. International Commodities Trading Law, Maritime Law and Contracts Law

  2. Trade Finance, Incoterms, UCP, ISBP

  3. Charterparties, Demurrage Management

  4. Commodities Trade Risk Management System (e.g. Allegro, Aspect, Entrade)

  5. Contracts Lifecycle Management 


With more than 23 years of working experience in process automation, cost reduction, waste elimination and process improvement through Lean Six Sigma methodology.
Led and facilitated cross functional teams for concepts and develop workable solutions, manages project schedules and P&Ls to ensure new products/business opportunities provide financial value to company as planned.


Areas of competencies.

  1. Accountable and result-oriented with strong work ethic

  2. Team player, work well with all stakeholders to set and achieve common goals

  3. Strong analytical skill, quick to identify, scrutinize for improvement and streamline complex work processes

  4. Hands-on and meticulous

  5. Keen to learn and ready to contribute

Lee YC

Mechanical engineering trained and was with the port industry for over 7 years where I collaborated in cross functional teams, managed projects and handled budget. Engineer lead for the new terminal engineering workshop. I had to deal with multiple parties to understand their needs for day to day activities such as space requirements, mechanical, electrical and communications services and infrastructures. A challenging yet fulfilling role as it requires a balance between what is required versus what the company can give.

Areas of competencies:

  • Logical and Critical Thinking

  • Analytical Problem Solving

  • Reliability and Integrity

  • Project Management

  • Versatility and Adaptability


Vast experience in creating strategies and leading the execution of all supply chain activities. Effective communicator able to  manage and lead cross-functional teams to drive product supply and services. Skilled in cost savings and inventory managment.  Self-driven with ability to multi-task, assertive, effectively navigate decisions and resolve issues.

Industry experience of Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Life science, Manufacturing & Trading companies.

Key competencies: 

  • Procurement / Order Management

  • Shipping / Logistics

  • Trade Documents

  • Customer Service

  • Materials & distribution management.


Engineering Manager specialized in precision engineering installation project and six sigma implementing projects. Exeperienced in managing multi million dollars projects for industry giants such as Samsung, TSMC and Micron. Achieved recognition from Samsung Austin for product transfer and STM for cost saving project which reduced maintenance cost 200k per year. 

Core competencies:

  • Project Management

  • Main con and Sub con management

  • Analytical and problem solving 

  • Lean and Six sigma

  • Team player

Bala V

I have served in the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) as a Senior Technician for 10 years. Upon successfully fulfilling my contract with the RSAF, I continued my journey in ST Logistics Pte Ltd, in the field of Quality Assurance as an Executive. Eventually I moved on to ST Engineering Aerospace (Supplies) to take up new challenges as a Deputy Depot Manager.


Core competencies:

  • Warehouse Management

  • Quality/Safety Audit

  • Adaptability 

  • Vendor/Contractor/Suppliers Management

  • Team player


Over 23 years in Contract Manufacturing operations. Managing NPI, responsible for leading and managing production team, engineering team in all manufacturing operations. Experienced in projects management and spare parts management.

Core competencies:

  • Hands-on and Detailed in work

  • Strong project management skills

  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills

  • Good team player with internal teams and customer oriented service

  • Able to work under pressure 


Extensive experience in creating strategies and leading the execution of all global supply chain activities, including procurement, manufacturing, materials management, distribution management and risk mitigation. Able to manage and lead cross-functional teams to drive product supply and productivity improvements. Skilled in price negotiations and strategic decision making.

Core competencies:

  • Oversee work experience with setting up factory in Malaysia and Thailand consist of factory design, flow layout, warehouse and etc.

  • Cost reduction with good negotiation skill.

  • Lean Master.

  • Subcon management, Tender management and set up Non Disclosure Agreement with key suppliers.

  • Understanding and knowledge of Crisis Mitigation and Risk management


Over 30 years of banking experience in the operations processing and client services areas.

Core competencies:

  • Delegation

  • Problem solving

  • Meticulous

  • Adaptability

  • Team player


Over 15 years’ professional experience with budget accountability in business development, operations, projects and client management. Excellent interpersonal, analytical and communication skills, thrive within fast-paced, deadline-driven environments.

Core competencies:

  • Strategy Planning

  • Market Strategy & Business Analysis

  • Negotiation & Networking

  • Executive Engagement

  • Coaching, Mentoring & Training


Goal-oriented and resourceful individual with over 11 years of global supply chain expertise specializing in continuous improvement and superior delivery service.

Core competencies:

  • Open and effective communicator

  • Planning and Organizing 

  • Problem Solving

  • Teamwork and Collaboration

  • Honesty and Integrity


A veteran administrator with some years in regional account management role whom overcame challenges and made milestones achievements in business development; intellectual property protection and led regional projects with aim to bring brand awareness to designated region.  Generate ideas and execute them are part of my strategic strengths.  Being analytical motivates me to search for reasons and causes to challenges and adept at dealings with problems.  

Core competencies:
• Project Management
• Strong in Execution & Leading Regional Collaboration
• Complex Calendar Management Involves Different Continents
• Cross Functional Co-ordination
• Contract & Partnership Management 


15 years in customer service, order fulfilment, project management, sales and coordination.


5 key areas of competencies.

  1. Coordination

  2. Delegation

  3. Meticulous

  4. Order fulfilment

  5. Problem solving


Over 20 years of logistics experience in end to end supply chain management (3PL and 4PL) logistics, inventory control, warehouse operations, customer relations and process improvements


5 key areas of competencies.

  1. Adaptive Team Player & Leader

  2. Effective Communicator & Presenter

  3. Problem Solving – LEAN and Kaizen Concepts

  4. End to End Supply Chain Concepts

  5. Positive attitude


Executive with  8 years of experience in Marine Technical Logistics, Purchasing & Dry Bulk Cargo Vessel Operations, 6 years of experience in L/C Negotiation for Trading, 1 year in Sea-Freight Export Documentation.


5 key areas of competencies.

  1.    Strong communication skills for problem solving

  2.    Good team player

  3.    Possess a customer service mindset

  4.    Versatile with Adaptability

  5.    Detail oriented

Kevin L

Skilled & experienced Company Director of 3 start-up Small to Medium Enterprises offering innovative problem-solving skills aligned with effective leadership and excellent communication prowess.



- Business Development 

- Business Negotiation 

- Project Management

- Strategic Planning and Execution

- Problem Resolution 

Zak Zaky

Project Management and engineering professional with over 14 years of experience in a wide range of platform with proven and transferrable experience. Proactive and self-motivated with years of international experience having proven track record in business development, project and process management. Excellent communication skills with a positive attitude to learning and share when and wherever required.

Key competencies:

  1. Business development through a unique combination of management and technical skills.

  2. Strong problem resolving and Interpersonal communication skills.

  3. Ability to prioritize for results and Variable Order (VO) management.

  4. Effective time management skills.

  5. Outstanding track record in consensus management and team building.

HK Khoo

Over 19 years of experiences in Supplier Management, New Product introduction, Product Engineering and Project Management across APAC in Semiconductor industry. Proven track record in implementing process and system to achieve 1st time success for New production introduction, delivering products with top notch quality and cost.

Key competencies:

  1. Collaboration with internal/external partners

  2. Cost reduction and quality/process improvement

  3. Data analytics and root cause analysis

  4. Leadership and team player

  5. Critical thinking for problem solving and risk reduction

Angeline Y

Over 10 years operational experience in start-ups, office admin, strategic planning, budgeting, organisational development, HR, development & implementation of organisational policies. Keen learner, people person, enjoy exercise workouts to stay physically & mentally fit. Stay updated on current and upcoming HR trends & policies, employment rate and changes in Labour Law.

Core competencies:

  • Realistically gauge risks and exercise caution and deliberation by leveraging on the SMART model (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time) before making decisions.

  • Prioritize and organize to see tasks through to completion through persistence, tenacity and steady focus, based on the level of urgency and importance.

  • View people and tasks objectively to always ask for solutions to solve problems as a team and encourage others to speak up and voice their thoughts and feelings.

  • Share my knowledge and expertise with others with the ability to work individually and with others effectively, ask for support from my peers and extend help to others at work when required.

  • Realize there is often more than one approach to tasks and be open and flexible to changes coming my way. 

Tham K

Experienced Materials Manager, specializing in Sourcing and Procurement. 

Excellent transferable competent skills in Cost Savings, Strategic Supply Chain Management, Inventory and People Management. Delivered excellent results and improved Organization's profitability. 

Key competencies:


1. Strategic and Tactical Procurement 

2. Strong Negotiator

3. Cost Savings

4. Inventory and Warehouse Management

5. Impactful Problem solving

Danial C

Over 20 years of shipping and inventory control experience. Consistent performer on cost savings and efficiency to provide the best possible bottom line for company interest. A proven manager/team leader equipped with passion and drive and believes in education and training.​

Areas of Competencies:

·         Problem Solving

·         Forward Thinking

·         Project Management

·         Internal/External Customer Centric

·         Interpersonal Relations In All Level

Peter K

Having more than 20 years of experience in procurement and supply chain/logistic in the retail industry.Achievements in project management, cost reduction and management, productivity enhancement and business contract negotiations and formalization. Experience and skills in setting up end to end supply chain systems for the business and implementation of new accurate forecasting tool within the company.

Areas of Competencies:

    (i) Project management

    (ii) Negotiation skills

    (iii) Category management

    (iv) Supply Chain planning and forecasting

    (v)  Analytical and problem solving skills

Bryan L

Highly motivated and proactive with more than 11 years experience in business development and supply chain in regional role for MNC and SME companies in Singapore and overseas. Have had great success in negotiation with suppliers, customers, logistics providers to smoothen supply chain business processes and managed to generate new customers and suppliers to grow the business.


Core competencies:

  1. Create opportunities for growth & add value

  2. Collaborate with team for project management

  3. Integrate business planning

  4. Collaborate with business partners

  5. Desire to learn and ability to pass on knowledge

J. Ng

Close to 10 years of international experience as a senior manager as well as a business executive in marine and oil & gas projects and operations. Proven track record in construction projects, yard setup and management, vessel and offshore logistics operations, business development and driving company strategies with P&L accountability.

Core competencies: 

1) Business development and tender

2) Project and process management

3) Account and stakeholders management

4) Engineering and technical skills 

5) Anaytical thinking and problem solving 

Sharon Neo

Shipping professional with ten years of experience in wide range of platform .Excellent in planning, keeping track and liaising with internal or external stakeholder . Excellent written and oral communication skills of explaining complex shipping issues to easy understand terms. Having a Positive altitude in Learning and willing to travel if Request. 


Core Competencies:

  • Team Player or independent

  • Communication Skill

  • Problem Solving

  • Planning and Organization skill

  • Positive altitude

Piriya S

More than 5 years of professional experience in Client Management, Business Development and Marketing strategy and planning. Also able to apply skills acquired in Project and Product Management to contribute strategically to organisation's business planning and revenue growth. 


Core Competencies:

- Business Development and Account Management

- Project Planning and Management  

- Critical and Analytical Thinking

- Customer Relationship Management and problem-solving skills

- Leadership and Internal / External communications skills

Daniel L.

A manager over 20 years with proven track record in supply chain management, commodity, procurement, and project management worked in MNC, OEM and EMS companies. An efficient team leader equipped with passion, entrepreneurship, high integrity and result oriented. Expert in negotiation, supplier management, strategic planning & implementation, procurement processes and tools in the direct areas.


Core competencies:

  • Strategic Planning & Implementation

  • Leadership & Negotiation Skills

  • Cost Optimization & Business Process Improvement

  • New Product Initiations & Project Management

  • Analytical Thinking & Customer Centric


Over 6 years of experience in engineering and operations, procurement, and project management in oil and gas as well as water industry. 

Core competencies

  • Project Management

  • Analytical Thinking

  • Stakeholders' Management and Communications

  • Sourcing, Procurement and Tender Management

  • Budgeting and Scheduling

D. Ong

Experienced in Digital Marketing, Marketing Communications, Retail Marketing, Product Marketing, Event Management and Export Sales roles primarily in MNC environment. Strong execution, communication and team management skills acquired during regional stint.

Core competencies


  • Team Player

  • Project Management

  • Adaptability

  • Marketing Communications (Digital/Offline)

  • Agency and Budget Management

Alan W

11 years of experience in Sales strategy and Planning. Managed sales performance reporting and analysis for management decision making. Have implement audit check process and risk management in previous companies. Able to utilize my problem-solving competencies and contribute strategically to the company’s business goals and revenue growth.

Core competencies


  • Conceptual Thinking

  • Analytical Thinking

  • Project Management

  • Internal/External Communication

  • Interpersonal Relations

Sean L

Strong project management skills and experience handling multiple concurrent projects, with deep understanding in the product development of Consumer Premises Equipment (CPE) products for Telecommunications. Over 10 years of experience troubleshooting complex technical issues inherent in electronics, IT and networking solutions & products. Expertise in delivering excellent efficient service to both internal & external customers (corporate and consumer).


Core competencies


  • Project Management, Product Development

  • Budgeting, Resource Planning, Forecasting, Scheduling

  • Competitive Analysis & Product Positioning

  • Complex Troubleshooting of Technical systems

  • Process improvement, Optimization


Over 15 years of engineering experience with many advance technology implementations like RFID system, Automated Barcode System, Material Handling System, coupled with Business Continuity Management, ISO9000, ISO 14000, Workplace Safety and Health, TAPA, has always been on process improvement through Value Stream Mapping, LEAN 6σ, DMAIC.

Core competencies:

  •  Process Improvement & Industrial Engineering

  •  Innovation Management

  •  Risk Management

  •  Fleet Management

  •  Technical & Statistical Analysis

Gilbert K

Over 18 years as a pastor and 3 years as a Senior Manager in a logistics firm applying skills that include leadership and management skills, people and communication skills, and communication and negotiation skills to achieve growth in both church and marketplace settings.

Core competencies:

  •  Leadership and communication skills for high productivity.

  •  People and negotiation skills for mutual gain.

  •  Analytical thinking for business development and growth.

  •  Critical thinking for problem solving and risk reduction.

  •  Consultative skills for customer and stakeholders management.


20 quality years of diverse logistics/supply chain work experience, taking charge of all functions of a company especially in operations and business development teams, including timely management in using transport management system, utilizing integrated pricing model, embracing diversity in teams in customers’ interests, and optimizing trade-off negotiations between teams.

Core competencies:

  • Analytical Thinking and Initiative

  • Business Development

  • Cost/Team Optimization & Process Improvement

  • General and Operations Management

  • Leadership and Negotiation Skills

Ms. Zenn

12 years in the Marketing Communications business unit, handling administrative work as well organizing visits to assisting in the logistics of product launches, official openings, and special events. 3 years of experience in Manufacturing Engineering as Procurement Executive managing project cost, negotiations led to generating savings of approximately 30% for a system sets.  Fast learner, independent, process and customer oriented. 


Core competencies:

  • Administration

  • Coordination 

  • Database management

  • Procurements

  • Negotiations


More than 18 years experience with Operations Management, Planning and Numerate Skills.

Involved with drafting scope of work specifications, calling for tenders. Good range of people skills, able to work under pressure, with strong attention to details and problem solving skills (service) internal staffs and external customers.  

Core competencies:

  • Adaptability, Flexibility

  • Stakeholder Management

  • Leadership and Negotiation 

  • Networking

  • Cost Reduction & Process Improvement


Over 10 years of experience in sales, purchases and chartering of vessels. Specialty in developing new potential overseas market and research on different market trends.

Core competencies:

  • Communications skills

  • Team player

  • Stakeholders management

  • Business Development

  • Adaptability to stressful situations

Chua HP

More than 12 years in supply chain with knowledge in demand and supply planning, purchasing and order management. Expertise in planning and analysis work.

Core competencies:

  • Process Improvement

  • Problem Solving

  • Time Management

  • Analytical Thinking

  • Initiative

Peh Eng Tee

Over 20 years of experience in disk drive manufacturing with procurement knowledge. Manage/setup the new product. Involve in strategic planning & budgeting. Experienced in managing 3PL operation and project management. Prior experience in procuring from global sources.

Core competencies :

  • Process Improvement

  • Project planning & Organization

  • Vendor Management

  •  Identify problem, developing solutions and implementing change

  •  Procurement


Over two decades of experience working in a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility mainly in the shopfloor producing more than one product and currently incharge of compliance in this highly regulated industry. Key player during the times of audit and also incharge of training and creating standard operating procedures with respect to the department to ensure a smooth and unhindered production. 

Core competencies :

  • Shop floor manufacturing

  • Audit handling

  • Drafting Standard Operating Procedures

  • Provide training 

  • Adaptability       

Ravin K.

19 years experience in Sales and Customer Service. Managed accounts & gained new leads while successfully building & leading a team to drive exceptional customer service & achieve individual targets. Highly motivated Sales & Customer Service Trainer with exceptional Communication Skills.

Core competencies :

  • Critical thinking and problem solving skill

  • Communications

  • Planning & Organization

  • Negotiation skills

  • Customer Service Specialist 

Eric T

15 years of logistics and procurement management experience; a proven logistics and procurement specialist with a track record of utilizing the company dollar to its maximum effectiveness.

Core competencies :

  • Stakeholder management

  • Process improvement

  • Procurement 

  • Logistics management

  • Adaptability

K. Ivan

Experienced professional Sales and Marketing consultant who handles complex media and advertising campaigns to deliver powerful and effective marketing and branding solutions. Experienced in handling and developing new accounts, with prior experience in handling multi-million dollar accounts.

Core competencies :

  • Business Development

  • Solutions innovation

  • Resiliency in stressful situations

  • Stakeholders management

  • Adaptability


More than 10 years of working experience in Engineering field, specializing in material planning and buying, cost reduction, production yield improvement and team leadership. 5 years of working experience in customer service and account management,

Core competencies :

  • Negotiation skills 

  • Stakeholder management  

  • Project planning and management

  • Business Development 

  • Data Analysis

Brandon L

Experienced leading Strategic Accounts and Customer Service in Shipping and Manufacturing for the past 20 years. Have been orchestrating Global Accounts Sales Projects and managing a team overseeing complex operations for 7 key accounts, growing and achieving high sales target of US$ 200 Million.

Core competencies :

  • Account Management

  • Agencies and Dealers Management

  • Project Management

  • Vendor Management

  • Business Process Improvement


More than 20 years experience in Streamlining & Business Development with Strong Technical background within the APAC. Equipped relevant knowledge on logistic & automation systems, serving various logistic & warehousing industries. Working with cross-functional teams to ensure smooth running & implementation of strategic changes to meet required budget, holding responsibilities for the department P&L.

Core competencies :

  • Program/Project Management

  • Process improvements

  • New Market Business Development

  • International Setup & Infrastructures

  • Team/Department Management