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Redeployment Professional Conversion Programme

What is the Redeployment PCP?

The Redeployment Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) is a collaboration between WSG and Supply Chain and Logistics Academy that helps individuals re-train their skill set to remain relevant in their current organization.

By providing financial support, the programme also helps employers defray the cost of retraining loyal employees and retain effective talent.

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Eligibility Criteria

All Singaporean Citizens/Permanent Residents who are:

  • Current employees whose jobs are affected by the company's transformation and may be at-risk of skills redundancy or experience risk of retrenchment.

  • Both PMETs and Rank-And-File employees are applicable

The Redeployment Professional Conversion Programme is a six-month long programme to assist employers retain employees by retraining them into new roles.

On-The-Job Training

The Redeployment PCP is a 100% OJT programme, this means that enrolled participants will not need to attend any academic lessons.

Employers are required to submit an appropriate justification for the redeployment as well as a detailed OJT blueprint for the newly redeployed participant.

SCALA provides value-added service via customizing OJT blueprints for company's specific requirements.

Financial Support

Working in partnership with WorkForce Singapore, successful SCALA RPCP participants will qualify for the PCP  Salary Support.

Salary Support

For eligible Singapore citizens below age of 40, Permanent Residents or Rank-And-File positions:


 Singapore Citizens above age of 40:


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