Logistics Professional Conversion Programme, PCP | with Salary Support and Grant

Logistics Professional Conversion Programme

Professional Conversion Programme for Logistics

The Logistics Professional Conversion Programme (LPCP) helps mid-career professionals, managers, executives or technicians (PMETs) gain a foothold in the supply chain & logistics industry.

This is a company-sponsored programme. Hence, individuals don't pay for the training. It also means that interested candidates will need to be employed in a supply chain or logistics role before they can join the programme. 

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Be a Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident;

  • Participant must be newly hired PMET and nominated by an eligible participating company for the PCP within 3 months of their hiring; 

  • Participant must not be in a similar job role prior to joining PCP and have at least 2 years of working experience; and

  • Participants are expected to hold a minimum of a Diploma or equivalent.

  • Minimum starting salary of: $2,500​.00

The LPCP is a 9-months long place and train programme, consisting of:

Face-To-Face Training

There are 18 days of face-to-face training spread out over one year. Hence it will take one to two days a​ month. These include 8 Workplace Skills Qualification (WSQ) training modules and assessments, industry visits and expert talks.

Click here to see the 8 modules in the LPCP.


Participants will receive a WSQ Statement of Attainment (SOA) for each module successfully completed.​

At the end of the programme, they will receive an Advanced Certificate in Logistics Planning and Operations from SCALA.


Each participant will be assigned a seasoned mentor who will work with them over the course of the one programme. These mentors are usually senior members of supply chain/logistics companies, or have retired from these positions.

The mentor will journey with the participant, meeting one day a month, going over all matters of the PCP, the work, and even personal development. 

We acknowledge that entering a new industry can sometimes be unsettling, and the mentors help ease the transition and provide a much-needed third-party support for our participants.


All participants will undergo 1,328 hours of in-company on-the-job training (OJT). This is stretched over the course of the 9-months programme. 

Participants choose the modules in consultation with their supervisor, who will also be their OJT Trainer.

Modules chosen should be in line with the job the participant is doing at work. There are 8 standard OJT modules in SCALA curriculum. In addition to the standard modules, participating companies can also include their own OJT module to reflect the special needs of the company. They can also customise SCALA's standard framework​ to meet their needs. 

SCALA assists in these customisations.

Financial Support

Working in partnership with WorkForce Singapore, successful SCALA PCP's participants will qualify for the PCP Course Fee Subsidy and Salary Support.

Course Fee Subsidy & Salary Support
For eligible Singapore citizens below age of 40 or Permanent Residents:

For Long-Term Unemployed* Singapore Citizens, or Singapore Citizens above age of 40:


*Long term unemployed is being unemployed (without any CPF contribution) while actively seeking employment for 6 months or more.

Course Fee


1. All companies will pay the nett fee payable (with GST) upon registration.

2. SMEs and companies that employ Singaporean participants aged 40 and above will receive an additional 20% course fee funding.

3. Additional funding will be available to companies at the END of the programme and reimbursed through Finance Management System (FMS)

Course Fee breakdown
Normal Course Fee: $11,530.00

70% Course Fee Grant: $8,071.00 (deductible)
Nett Fee: $3,459.00
7% GST on Nett Fee: $242.13
Fee payable on enrollment: $3,701.13


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