In our new feature series, we will be sharing unique individuals from SCALA’s Professional Conversion Programmes (PCP) whose mid-career switch to the Logistics and Supply Chain sector inspire.

Contended with her job as a business consultant in an advertising agency, Montclairey was not the typical profile you would expect of someone looking for a career-switch. She enjoyed her time developing and pitching creative proposals to revolutionize her clients’ presence. But she always felt that something was missing. It slowly dawned on her that being satisfied with the present does not guarantee her future.

Suppy Chain PCP: Switching from Advertising to Logistics Analyst

Recounting her tribulations, Montclairey remarked how she was apprehensive about the chances of her career-switch owing to her lack of relevant experience. Not helping her was also the discouraging comments from friends and family, who hounded her decision to switch careers. All of which made her even more uncertain of her decision.

But she soldiered on.

And as luck would have it, she managed to clinch a job on her first job interview.

Montclairey is currently employed as an analyst by Shalom International Movers Pte Ltd. Despite having no prior data analysis skills, her willingness to learn and advocation of her personal value convinced her employer to give her an opportunity. To bring her up to speed, her employer sent her for SCALA’s Professional Conversion Programme (PCP), a WSG-funded programme designed to help individuals like her transition into a new sector.

“Do not be afraid of starting new or from scratch but do be afraid when we choose to stop learning”, Montclairey Heng, Graduate, Supply Chain PCP
“What the PCP has to offer is a full spectrum of industry related learning,” remarked Montclairey when asked on how the PCP benefited her. “It actually taught me more than what I have expected.”

With her prior experience, skills, and the industry-curated curriculum of the PCP, Montclairey went on to help Shalom International Movers achieve the Singapore Quality Class Award – Business Excellence in Innovation and People Niches in 2019.

Miss Heng at SCALA’s PCP Graduation

To end the interview, some wise words from the young woman who took the path less travelled: “Do not be afraid of starting new or from scratch but do be afraid when we choose to stop learning.”