SCALA initiatives and referral programme

SCALA initiatives and referral programme

In line with our Environmental Protection module in the Supply Chain Professional Conversion Programme, we are committed to reducing plastic waste around our premises and practices.

Serving as a first step, each trainee will now receive their own personal water bottle for use on SCALA premises.

Coinciding with the inception of our rewards programme, these bottles are also the first of many initiatives to reward trainees, alumni and employers for their continued support of SCALA.

For the past 3 years, SCALA's PCPs have benefited many businesses by reducing hiring costs, training valuable talent and serving as a go-between for companies and government services. As part of our effort to grow our programmes' outreach, we would like you to refer our services to your partners and friends! Companies with successful referrals will receive a token of appreciation: the limited edition SCALA glass bottles! And much more for active and multiple referrals!

Looking to refer a company? Contact to refer a company today!

All glass, all class.

Thank you and please feel free to reach out if you require any clarification.

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