To meet the manpower demand for Logistics and Supply Chain professionals, SCALA has partnered with SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) and Workforce Singapore (WSG) to offer Professional Conversion Programmes (PCPs) to train mid-career switchers to become qualified professionals.

​The Professional Conversion Programmes are part of the Adapt and Grow initiative under WSG, and provides Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians or PMETs opportunities to reskill or upskill. Career switchers will be able to gain the knowledge and competencies to successfully begin new careers in the supply chain and logistics sector.

Generous Course Fee Grant & Salary Support for Businesses Hiring

Facing manpower and cost concerns? Or reskilling your workforce as part of your business transformation? To address these concerns, employers from any sectors will be able to tap on Government funding through the course fee grants and the salary support provided through the PCP when hiring and placing eligible PMETs in the PCP,

How can Employers Benefit from WSG PCPs

Companies hiring will be able to gain access to a wider pool of candidates to consider. Secondly, companies can build on the rich experience and diverse skillsets offered by the new hires to build new organisation capabilities or tackle challenges. Last, but not least, the PCP provides new hires the opportunity to learn new applicable skills quickly through the WSQ-accreditated training courses, a structured OJT and, dedicated mentorships by experience industry practitioners assigned by SCALA.

​​​​Employers hiring eligible PMETs are provided a heavy element of financial support, ranging from 70% to 90% of both course fee and salary support* through Workforce Singapore.

​*Together with the Job Growth Incentive , the salary support has been revised for new hires

recruited between Sep 2020 & Sep 2021, speak with us about the new salary support.


Logistics and Supply Chain PCPs

The Logistics and Supply Chain Professional Conversion Programmes are career conversion programmes for mid-career PMETs (Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians), to undergo skills conversion and move into the Logistics and Supply Chain sectors that have good prospects and opportunities for progression. PMETs in the programmes are new hires recently employed and registered through their employers.

Ecommerce PCP

The PCP aims to help companies equip their mid-career new hires with e-Commerce knowledge so that they better transit into their new e-Commerce related roles. This PCP will be relevant to the following target companies that are looking to take in new mid-careerist hires:

  1. Existing brick and mortar businesses who are keen to move their products and services online and establish their own e-Commerce Supply Chain (B2B and/or B2C).
  2. Businesses who have existing e-Commerce Supply Chain operations (B2B and/or B2C) and looking to expand / enhance current e-Commerce operations.
  3. E-Commerce Supply Chain Solutions / Technology Platform providers.
WSG PCP for Supply Chain and Logistics

Engaged by more than 200 companies since 2016, SCALA has trained hundreds of new hires placed by businesses from various sectors, ranging from logistics, retailers, manufacturers to caterers. we are the manager for the following Conversion Programmes:

For PMET positions

Logistics Professional Conversion Programme (LPCP)

Supply Chain Professional Conversion Programme (SCPCP)

Ecommerce Professional Conversion Programme (EPCP) NEW

​For non-PMET positions

Place-and-Train Programme (PnT) for Supply Chain and Logistics Coordinators 

For Reskilling/Upskilling Current Employees

Redeployment Professional Conversion Programme (RPCP)


If you are unsure of which PCPs is applicable to your business, simply contact SCALA for a quick consultation.

Our Success Stories

Kim Wong


The salary support has greatly alleviated our manpower costs since we are a non-profit Social Enterprise startup trying to build a critical mass in the wholesale and retail sector, using e-commerce as a strategic tool. The lower cost was critical for our survival in the midst of a tough economy undergoing restructuring.

Kim Wong

Administration Manager, Actsmarket LimitedActs market logo


As a tech-enabled logistics company, we play in a highly competitive industry and need all the support given. SCALA's Logistic Professional Conversion Programme (LPCP) has been very helpful in extending understanding on the needs of logistics operations to help our employees be more effective.

Timothy Ng

Head, Engagement, Learning and Development, Ninja Van



The mentors who were assigned to them had many years of experience and who selflessly share their knowledge. The projects enabled them to think from different perspectives and are beneficial to their employers.

Gabriel Lam

Chief Operating Office, Shalom Movers


The salary support has helped to accelerate our expansion plans. The invaluable training materials are very informative, and allow my staff to think about various possible scenarios in the workplace.

Seng Yeen

Founder/ Product Specialist

Wilson Chong


Our employees applied the concepts from the classroom training to transform and digitize our supply chain processes to great effect. As a company of over 26 years in oil and gas equipment trading, it is very timely that we get this opportunity to understand and implement industry best practices in today's digital age.

Wilson Chong

Manager, Wah Kee Marine Supplies Pte. Ltd.
Wah Kee Marine Supplies logo