Stacking Salary Support from CCP and JGI

Employers meeting the JGI requirement on or before 31 March 2022 will be able to receive additional salary support on top of that provided under the Career Conversion Programmes or CCPs (Formerly known as PCPs).

Salary Support for Employers Hiring

The Career Conversion Programmes or CCPs provide employers with a number of benefits, such as a heavily funded training programme to upskill or reskill new their hires, and mentorship by experienced industry practitioners to guide the new hires.

Another key benefit for employers is the substantial salary support, funded by Workforce Singapore.

Standard and Enhanced Salary Support

There are two levels of salary support – the standard salary support and the enhanced salary support. In essence, the enhanced salary support is to encourage employers to provide greater opportunities for those with greater difficulties entering a new industry. There is nothing to worry too much if you are not sure which level to claim, simply click on the “Launch” button to find out the amount of salary support that you, as an employer, may get for every successfully placed new hire in either the Logistics, Supply Chain or eCommerce CCP conducted by SCALA.


Salary Support Calculator for WSG PCPs


New Hires Must be Placed Within 3 Months

One important thing to know is the new hires must be in the PCP within 3 months from the date of hire. If you are unclear of this and the requirements for the CCPs, please contact us for a quick clarification, or simply fill in the form below!

Note: This calculator is valid for placements in the relevant CCPs for all hires, on or before 31 March 2022. Funding subject to changes.



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