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Thank you for submitting your CV

This is a quick message to say that we have received your Step 1 for the Professional Conversion Programme selection process. 


At SCALA, we do three things to help applicants find a suitable job in the logistics industry, even if you have not had any prior experience:

(1)   We understand your background, your job aspirations and your expectations, providing you with suitable career advice at our Supply Chain and Logistics Executive Workshop which is fully sponsored by SCALA,

(2)   We help match your profile to job openings that companies in the industry may currently have,

(3)   We run a Professional Conversion Programme for you to better assimilate into the industry once you have been employed

You have just completed Step One of our six-step selection process (reproduced here again for you)








Your CV will now be screened by our staff for Step 1, should the CV be approved you will be invited to the one-and-a-half day Supply Chain & Logistics Executive Workshop at SCALA.

Attendance in this workshop is mandatory for individuals who are keen for admittance into our PCP. Should you choose not to attend the workshop, or drop out from the workshop, we will take it that you have opted not to go down the PCP path, and will take your name out of our list.

We wish you all the best in your job search.  

Yours truly,

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