Announced at SCALA’s Graduation Ceremony 2019 by Minister for Manpower, Mrs. Josephine Teo, the new career transition programme aims to provide sustainable employment for retiring servicemen from SAF.

The new programme also aims to deliver another avenue of talented individuals for employers to tap upon to improve their human capital.

The pilot programme aims to benefit 40 SAF servicemen within the next two years..

Prior to the launch of the programme, retiring SAF servicemen were left to forge their own path into the private sector. One such individual, Mohammed Haniffa , believes that the career transition programme will greatly benefit fellow retired servicemen looking to continue their career in the private sector.

Having served more than 30 years in the SAF, Haniffa retired from active service and joined ST Logistics. Being no stranger to the difficulties of rejoining the private sector, Haniffa expressed his beliefs that the increased cooperation between MINDEF, WSG, and SCALA will provide a healthy channel for talent from the SAF to help bolster the logistics industry.

Servicemen in the programme will undergo workshops conducted by SCALA to gain a better understanding of the industry, as well as being able to go for a 40-day attachment with a logistics company during their last year of service.