Devising a warehouse’s layout is the first step in designing an installation. While this may seem like a simple issue, in practice, it is difficult to figure out. There are many factors that need consideration in the design process; factors that limit the surface area available. This is why the layout has to be carefully planned. When deciding on the internal and external layout of a warehouse, there are three possible scenarios that could necessitate a different assignment of space:

(1) the installation of new warehouses,

(2) the extension of existing facilities and

(3) the reorganization of those currently operating (even though the last of these options does not involve making extremely important decisions that will affect the development of the business over the medium- to long-term).

Notwithstanding specific circumstances, the general layout of a facility must cover all these needs:

  • Making the most of the available space
  • Reducing the handling of goods to a minimum
  • Providing easy access to the stored product
  • Having the highest rotation ratio possible
  • Offering maximum flexibility in the positioning of products
  • Controlling the amounts stored

In this module, trainees will be taught the how to create a plan of the warehouse layout. Obeying basic principles such as good storage mentioned above and avoid areas and points of congestion, facilitate maintenance tasks and establish the resources required to obtain the greatest possible workflows, with the associated reduction in run-times.

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