The Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) helps mid-career professionals, managers, executives or technicians (PMETs) gain a foothold in the supply chain & logistics industry by providing job placement services as well.

One of the biggest challenges that applicants face is the ​silence from employers and training providers after they have submitted their CV. This is because their CV is not written in a manner that employers in the industry can understand.  And with the advent of automatic screening of CVs, most hiring managers don't even get to see the CV before the algorithm has screened it out!

Another area that applicants trip up in is in the job interview. Because they do not know what the interviewer is looking for, they are unprepared for the interview. This puts immediate doubt in the interviewer's mind that the applicant is not job-ready, and hence pass up on a golden opportunity to hire the right candidate.

Understanding these constraints therefore, SCALA has come up with a customised Supply Chain & Logistics Executive Workshop (SCLEW) for the PCP.   It is designed to help all PCP applicants

  • understand the needs of the industry better,

  • adopt a positive learning mindset, 

  • write an effective CV that brings out all the value you can bring to the industry, and

  • learn interview techniques to impress the hiring manager


 The SCLEW culminates with a live interview with SCALA executives who will then assess your suitability for either the Logistics PCP or Supply Chain PCP.  Successful candidates will then be given access to the SCALA job portal, where they can apply to open job positions and move through the selection process. 

Candidates who are not successful at the interview will be given specific feedback on areas for improvement, and provided with another opportunity to interview with SCALA after a fortnight. If they are successful in that interview, they will also be put through the process. If they not, they will be provided with options outside of SCALA in their job search.

Either way, all participants will be given specific feedback and receive an answer to their PCP application!

The Supply Chain & Logistics Executive Workshop is mandatory for PCP applicants.

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