Seminar Synopsis

Globally, the logistics sector is evolving rapidly amidst economic, regulatory and technological advancements. These global disruptions have a cascading effect on the logistics sector in Singapore, affecting jobs roles, skills and technology application.

This half-day corporate seminar and networking is designed to help participants understand the various forces that are affecting the logistic and supply chain sector. How they will impact job roles and how to future proof your workforce with the Jobs Transformation Map.

At this Seminar, you will understand

  • What key technologies are driving change, impacting individual job roles and how to keep your logistics workforce relevant. (By WSG)
  • How logistics companies can leverage on technology to streamline their operations and develop their talent to stay competitive (By Ernst & Young)
  • How companies can benefit from e2i’s suite of services and the NTUC Company Training Committee (CTC) grant for your enterprise and workforce transformation needs’ (By NTUC e2i)
  • How to tap on WSQ short courses, masterclasses, international certifications and government grants to upgrade and future proof your workforce (By SCALA)

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