Seeking Job Opportunities in Logistics/Supply Chain/eCommerce?

Are you a Professional, Manager, Executive or Technician (PMET) interested to join the supply chain & logistics industry?

To enable jobseekers to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to kickstart a fresh caeer in the supply chain and logistics industry, SCALA conducts the following Place-And-Train Programmes funded by Workforce Singapore:

Career Conversion Programme for Logistics Professionals

Career Conversion Programme for Supply Chain Professionals

Career Conversion Programme for eCommerce Supply Chain Professionals

PnT for Supply Chain and Logistics Coordinators

These are employer-sponsored programmes requiring trainees to be employed prior to being enrolled into the course.

If you would like to search for employers who provide opportunities for career switchers, please visit: and select the filter, “For mid-career switchers”.


Our Success Stories

PCP Tales – A collection of blog posts featuring unique individuals from SCALA’s Professional Conversion Programmes (PCPs) whose mid-career switch to the logistics and supply chain sector is an inspiration to career switchers.


How Do We Help Career Switchers?

Logistics Placement Accelerator

The Logistics Placement Accelerator is an ecosystem consisting of government linked agencies such as Economic Development Board, Enterprise Singapore, Workforce Singapore, and National Trade Union Congress, trade associations like Singapore Logistics Associations, industry members and SCALA coming together to help career switchers understand the Professional Conversion Programmes, and the supply chain and logistics industry.


Six-stage Placement Process

Integral to the Logistics Placement Accelerator, SCALA assists jobseekers in their preparation to switch career and enter the supply chain and logistics industry, there are typically 6 stages jobseekers would have to go through:

To start off your career conversion journey, simply register via the Workforce Singapore portal.

Changing career in mid-life is challenging but rewarding. For jobseekers who wish to discover their personal strengths, identify skillsets to bridge gaps, our partner NTUC e2i conducts Career Resilience Executive Workshop that supports jobseekers navigate through the evolving employment landscape. NTUC e2i even provides a career coach to assess your needs and register you for the workshop.

With the Logistics Placement Accelerator, SCALA is committed to help talent from outside the industry to gain a foothold in it and those within the industry to upskill and embrace innovation and change. We welcome you to a new exciting career in the supply chain and logistics industry.