New Career Conversion Programme to Support Job Redesign and Reskilling

As we head into a more technologically intensive and innovation-driven economy, businesses must know important it is to have a skilled human capital in Singapore’s next phase of transformation. Workforce transformation and business transformation have to go hand in hand to serve a purpose to create better jobs, better skills, and better pay and better prospects.

In 2021, close to $10 million have been set aside to create blueprints for job transformation (Jobs Transfomation Maps) in companies. The Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) has been expanded to support job redesign initiatives. The grant provides companies with job-redesign consultancy support to complement and drive business and workforce transformation.

More Support for Singapore Employers

To further support Singapore companies to step up workforce transformation and create opportunities for their current workforce to gain new skills and expand their jobscopes, WSG and SCALA are offering the new Career Conversion Programme for Supply Chain and Logistics Professionals and Coordinators (Job Redesign and Reskilling) or CCP-JRR.

The programme allows eligible companies to receive salary support for up to 3 months as the workforce undergo reskilling.

  • Job Redesign and Reskillling to support supply chain transformation
    Business Tranformation and Workforce Transformation have to go hand in hand.

Leveraging CCP-Job Redesign and Reskiling (JRR) for Salary Support

Businesses in the logistics and supply chain sector can now tap on the PSG for Job Redesign, then leverage on the CCP-JRR and Supply Chain  Career Conversion Programmes to help mid-career professionals, managers, executives and technicians (PMETs) reskill and take on the new logistics-related roles with companies.