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We Enable Jobseekers

Are you a professional, manager, executive or technician (PMET) interested to join the supply chain & logistics industry? 

We can help you.

SCALA runs the following programmes under the Place-And-Train initiative by Workforce Singapore:

Logistics Professional Conversion Programme (PCP).
Supply Chain Professional Conversion Programme (PCP).

These programmes require you to be employed prior to being enrolled into the course.

We here at SCALA also offer assistance for individuals who are unemployed but looking to make a career-switch via the following programme:
Supply Chain & Logistics Executive Workshop (SCLEW)

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Why are you offering an Executive Workshop?

How does the workshop increase employability?

I have been to an Executive Workshop before, can I attend this one again?

I have applied to so many PCPs, jobs, and organisations but they didn't even respond to me.
How do I know you are different?

If we are selected for the PCP, will you guarantee us a job?

What is the minimum timeline to expect before I can get a job and begin the PCP?

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