Fourth in our series, we share the stories of unique individuals from SCALA’s Professional Conversion Programmes (PCP) whose mid-career switch to the Logistics and Supply Chain sector inspire.

Working in Learning and Development for the past 10 years, Shah Jehan Haniffa (49) was already well-aware of the need to self-improve in his career. Armed with this foresight, he was determined to make a career-switch, both as a challenge and a matter of principle.

“It was purely from the standpoint of learning and adopting new things to learn,” the 49-year-old said. “The challenges were not too bad as my previous roles in L&D, Business Development and Project Management helped a great deal.”


Taking a deep dive into the logistics sector, Shah found himself hired by ST Logistics. “Currently, I am managing important logistics services offered by ST Logistics,” remarked Shah on his new position. “In this capacity, I play a key role in ensuring our customer’s supply chain needs are met. I am involved in notable projects that would not have come my way if I were employed elsewhere. Besides acquiring new skills and knowledge, I also enjoy interactions with people from different walks of life. Learning from their stories and experiences has helped me pick up soft skills that are essential for the job.”

ST Logistics also enrolled Shah in SCALA’s Professional Conversion Programme. Under the programme, Shah is required to spend 1,328 working hours in his company undergoing an On-Job-Training (OJT) programme. He believes that his OJT programme has given him the confidence to embark on larger responsibilities at the workplace and for this, is highly appreciative of the time and effort his trainers have put into building his competencies and that of the rest of his fellow participants in the PCP programme.

An embodiment of constant learning, Shah enjoys his new career challenge. He also hopes to inspire others to embark on their lifelong learning journeys. “Don’t be afraid of learning something new. Learning is an ongoing process and should be embraced. Be humble and enthusiastic.”

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