Latest Salary Guide for HR Professionals

Human resources professionals play an essential role in corporations. In any organisations, human capital is one of the most important resources. The role of HR in this pandemic was also covered in the news recently:

“As many businesses accelerated their pace of digitalisation and transformation amid the pandemic, HR’s ability to drive strategic workforce planning, redesign jobs and develop talent will be pivotal in helping businesses and their workers to succeed.”, said Manpower Minister Tan See Leng on Wednesday (Oct 20).

Just a few days earlier, published the latest salary ranges among HR professionals in Singapore for 2021 and 2022. The report is taken from the PERSOLKELLY SINGAPORE SALARY GUIDE 2021/22.

So, for the ease of Human Resource professionals from the companies placing their new hires in SCALA’s WSG Career Conversion Programmes, we have made a simple infographic of the latest salary range for the HR professionals supporting the CCPs. Hope this is useful to you!

HR Salary Guide 2021-2022 Singapore