Succeeding in Implementing an AI-driven Supply Chain for Decision Makers

Competing and Predicting using Big Data – How Data Science can be a Game Changer in Supply Chain Management


Over 90% of shippers and 3rd party logistics firm feel that data-driven decision making is crucial to improving and optimising supply chain performance. In volatile times like this current pandemic, driving performance through efficiency, accuracy, and agility are even more critical.

But do we know what is “Big Data” and how does it make a difference in any organization? How will it affect improvements in an organisation’s processes that impact productivity? Not utilizing big data and its critical impact on your competitive advantages?

What Will You Learn

In this webinar, we’ll look at how companies are tapping on big data and data science, machine learning and AI to drive outstanding business performance through real-time visibility.

We will be discussing:
1) Demystify and understanding Big Data
2) Leveraging on big data using Data Science and Machine Learning
3) Understand Big Data ecosystem
4) How to strategize your Big Data implementations based on business goals
5) Choose the right big data technologies


Dipayan Sarkar, CEO and Data Scientist, Algoritmo Lab

Delivery Mode

Webinar; link will be provided via email a before the event date.


Event Partners

               SMF CCL                       Supply Chain City


Feb 23 2021


3:00 pm - 4:15 pm