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How Blockchain is Redefining Visibility and Collaboration in Complex Supply Chains


Global supply chain network has been riddled with traditional manual paperwork procedures, resulting in a high risk of fraud, increase overheads, or loss as goods are moved across borders. The lack of visibility and a secured data-sharing platform cripples the efficiency of international trade.

More recently, ‘Blockchain’ is increasingly becoming paired with ‘Supply Chain’. The technology offers a shared record of data kept by a computer network rather than a single party. This 21st-century technology has enabled businesses to function in a dynamic network, unlocking many new opportunities in the supply chain space. Blockchain makes it much easier to establish trustworthy B2B relationships, share data, and execute transactions. It solves integration challenges by enabling companies to establish a shared digital ledger that streamlines collaboration and establishes trust among business partners and trading partners.

In this webinar, our speakers Clarence Wong from Oracle and Alok Rajiv,  CTO of Trames, will come together to provide more insights of blockchain technology in the supply chain space and demonstrate how supply chain solutions can incorporate blockchain technologies to improve security, transparency and efficiency across document and information exchange between disparate stakeholders across long and complex supply chains.

What Will You Learn

a. What is blockchain and how the technology is relevant in supply chain management.

b. Illustrate blockchain case studies in the context of supply chain.

c. Case study: Customer’s experience in driving blockchain based project.

d. Accelerating implementation of blockchain based supply chain solutioning.

e. Demonstration of how blockchain improves security, transparency and efficiency between numerous stakeholders.

Seminar Details

Date and time: 11 May 2021, Tuesday, 3.00 pm to 4.15 pm

Online via Zoom;  Link would be sent a day before the event.

Programme Schedule (TBC)

3.00 pm: Welcome

3.05 pm: Opening

3.10 pm: Developing trust from blockchain based supply chainMr Clarence Ho, Industry Innovator Senior Advisor, Oracle

3.35 pm: Improving collaboration across complex supply chains using blockchain Alok Rajiv, Chief Technical Officer, Trames

4.00 pm: Q and A

4.15 pm: Close

Speakers from:




May 11 2021


3:00 pm - 4:15 pm


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