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Delivered by The Logistics Institute Asia Pacific (TLI-AP), a collaboration between the National University of Singapore (ranked #11 in QS Global World Rankings 2021) and Georgia Institute of Technology , this course will lead participants to develop correct perspectives and thinking skills needed to manage supply chain, a skill critical in today's context of evolving supply chain models.

Topics covered include evolution of supply chain thinking, components of a supply chain, principles, and value of good Supply Chain Management (SCM), SCM operation and coordination, different practices of SCM, technology in SCM.

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Engaging and Practical Learning Experience

Supply Chain Focused

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Why Transformational Strategies for Supply Chain and Logistics Management Course?

In Industry 4.0, Supply Chains need to more resilient, taking advantage of technological innovations that will bring about disruptive changes. In line with such trends, businesses need to align their business transformation and digital transformation strategies to not only survive, but also succeed.

Delivered by The Logistics Institute - Asia Pacific, a collaboration between the National University of Singapore (NUS) and the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) for research and education programs in global logistics. The institute supported by key agencies such as the Economic Development Board and A*STAR, plays a vital role in helping the manufacturing industry and logistics service providers achieve their growth potential.

Government Funding:

SSG funding is available

Course Fee:

$3210 per 3-day programme. (Fee is inclusive of GST and BEFORE funding support of up to 90%) Please chat with our consultants to learn more about the applicable funding.

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  1. Designing supply chain strategies that matter and fit
    • The key paradigms of supply chain competition: speed, cost, throughput and governance
  2. Learnings from the marketplace
    • Mitigating the Bulwhip Effect
    • A strategic focus on responsiveness and efficiency
  3. The big ideas in supply chain management
    • Big data, smart logistics and transformative supply chain technologies
  4. Understanding what may not work and why
    • Strategies for mitigating transformative impacts on supply chain,manufacturing and services.

No prerequisites required

Senior managers, managers and corporate executives on management track.

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Robert De Souza

Dr. Robert de Souza
Executive Director (TLIAP)

Prof. Mark Goh

Associate Prof. Tan Kok Choon


Industry Curated Curriculum

Our curriculum is created with the combined effort of our Board of Advisors and industry veterans. Focusing on providing both immediate and future knowledge, the curriculum equips SCALA’s trainees with in-depth logistical and supply chain knowledge as well as keeping them up to date on the latest development in the technology space. Our curriculum is also accredited by Workforce Singapore and is recognized country-wide for its efficacy.

Strong Leadership

Founded by Dr Robert Yap in 2016, SCALA is an industry-level academy that helps organizations unleash the hidden value in their supply chain. Lead by SCALA’s Board of Advisors, which comprise of distinguish leaders from industry and academia, SCALA’s vision is to become the standard for practical, hands-on training of logistics and supply chain industry in Singapore and the region.

Mentorship/Coaching for Professional Growth

Mentoring is a key element of any successful talent development strategy to help enterprises build high-performing team. Tailored individually to every SCALA's Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) trainee, mentors facilitate our participants, who are mid career switchers, towards a deeper understanding of their strengths, talents, personalities and values.

Network of over 500 Corporate Members

SCALA’s Corporate Network organizes networking opportunities and events that help companies embrace innovation to uncover hidden value. By bringing together diverse experiences and businesses, the Corporate Network aims to raise the level within and outside the industry, to create a profession out of supply chain and logistics.


Do I have to attend all classes?

We encourage participants to attend every lesson. To receive funding support, trainees and employers are required to meet WSG requirement.


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Changed my perspective of Digital Transformation on Supply Chain. New approach to tackle inefficiency of supply chain process.


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