Course Overview

Delivered by The Logistics Institute Asia Pacific (TLI-AP), a collaboration between the National University of Singapore (ranked #11 in QS Global World Rankings 2022) and Georgia Institute of Technology , this course will lead participants to develop correct perspectives and thinking skills needed to manage supply chain, a skill critical in today's context of evolving supply chain models.

Topics covered include evolution of supply chain thinking, components of a supply chain, principles, and value of good Supply Chain Management (SCM), SCM operation and coordination, different practices of SCM, technology in SCM.

Key Features of the Masterclass

2-Day Workshop delivered by The Logistics institute - Asia Pacific (TLI-AP), a collaboration with National University of Singapore (NUS) and Georgia Insitute of Technology.

Half-day Executive Roundtable: Invited expert/s from the industry to share insights on some of the available technologies and solutions to solving complex supply chain problems.

Half-day tour of a selected Centre of Excellence/ Supply Chain Innovation Centre to get to know the latest technologies.

How you will benefit from the Masterclass

  Develop correct perspectives and critical thinking skills needed to manage a smart supply chain. Gain the essential skills and techniques learned to lead innovational and transformational strategies to enhance supply chain competitiveness.

Implementing intelligent and resilient supply chain. How to use operational analytics effectively and build intelligence without risk.

Witness cutting edge and practical innovation and SCM solutions in action from Centres of Excellence and/or Centres of Supply Chain Innovation.



Designing supply chain strategies that matter and fit
  • The key paradigms of supply chain competition: speed, cost, throughput and governance
Learnings from the marketplace
  • Mitigating the Bulwhip Effect
  • A strategic focus on responsiveness and efficiency
The big ideas in supply chain management
  • Big data, smart logistics and transformative supply chain technologies
Understanding what may not work and why
  • Strategies for mitigating transformative impacts on supply chain,manufacturing and services.
Visits to Centres of Excellence


Who Should Attend

  • Senior Managers, Managers and corporate executives on management track seeking to build cutting edge skills and knowledge in Supply Chain Strategy and Management.


Class Schedules

Next intake would be in September 2022. Check with us for actual dates!

September 2022 (Day 1 and Day 2)
Venue: National University of Singapore

1 Sep 2022 (Visit to Centre of Excellence)
Venue: Supply Chain City

Funding & Programme Fee

Programme Fee

$3210 per 3-day programme. (Fee is inclusive of GST and BEFORE funding support of up to 90%)

Please chat with our consultants to learn more about the applicable funding.


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Need more reasons to enrol in the Masterclass?

plan and lead their organisation’s supply chain function

Plan and lead transformation with confidence

Participants will be equipped with the knowledge to plan and lead their organisation’s supply chain function by adopting suitable technologies and strategies to ensure competitiveness of their business from the case studies and examples discussed in the course.

Make Strategic Decisions

Make strategic decisions for impactful outcomes

Gain valuable skills and techniques that will enhance the decision-making process, enabling participants to adopt the most suitable strategic decisions for their companies to innovate and enhance their business excellence and supply chain competitiveness.

Dapt and Apply

Make connections and learn from best practices

Learn how logistics companies adopt and implement transformational strategies, including digital transformation strategies, to enhance their competitiveness. The strategies can be adopted and implemented in their own companies’ environment.

Real Life Engagement

Tap on the latest knowledge and trends

Witness cutting edge and practical innovation and SCM solutions in action from Centres of Excellence and/or Centres of Supply Chain Innovation.