Career Trial

What is the Career Trial for Logistics

Jobseekers can gain experience through a short-term work trial to be assessed for employment paying $1,500 or more and receive retention incentives. This allows both jobseekers and employers to test the suitability for the job role.

During the trial period, WSG will pay an allowance to the employee under trial, at no cost to the employer.

​SCALA will assist to vet your job and find eligible candidates for the Career Trial.


Eligibility Criteria

All Singaporean Citizens:

  • Actively seeking employment on a permanent basis before Career Trial

  • Unemployed before commencing and during Career Trial

  • At least 24 years old, have completed full-time studies and National Service (if applicable)

  • Minimum Diploma or above; or at least 1 year of Executive level of working experience

  • Minimum 1 year of working experience

The Career Trial is one-month long trial employment for employers and jobseekers to test their suitability for a particular role.

Pre-approved Activities

This version of the Career Trial comes with pre-approved activities for Logistics Executive. The pre-approved activities were created to help provide a faster starting point for both employers and jobseekers. Prior to this, for a employer to apply for the Career Trial, they would need to submit a lengthy document detailing what activities the jobseeker under trial would be assessed by.

By having pre-approved activities, this significantly reduces the time required for an employer to receive approval to become a Host Employer for the Career Trial. 

Furthermore, if jobseekers are successfully offered a job position with their Host Employer, they are still eligible for the Professional Conversion Programme and other government grants after the trial.


Training Allowance

Jobseekers will receive baseline Training Allowance of $7.50/hr during Career Trial period.

WSG/NTUC’s e2i will topup the Training Allowance of up to $11.25/hr or $15/hr if the jobseeker is placed with a monthly salary of $2,000 or more after completion of Career Trial at the respective Training Allowance tiers.


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