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Companies automatically get included into the Supply Chain & Logistics (SCL) Corporate Network which organises networking opportunities and programmes that help companies embrace innovation to uncover hidden value. By bringing together diverse experiences and businesses, the Corporate Network aims to raise the water level within and outside the industry, to create a profession out of supply chain and logistics! 

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The Professional Conversion Programme is a Workforce Singapore initiative to help PMETs gain a foothold in the industry. This provides a new avenue for employers to acquire talented employees. The PCP also comes with a heavy element of financial support from WSG, ranging from 70% to 90% of both Course Fee and Salary Support depending on the eligibility of the employee.

SCALA conducts a monthly intake. To be included in the current month's intake, all documents for registration are to reach SCALA by the respective PCP's start date. Submissions after the cutoff date will be considered for the subsequent intake.

Kindly take note of the 3-month rule; meaning the participant has to start the PCP not more than 3 months from the date of his/her employment in your company.

Check out our Professional Conversion Programme pages for more information.


Through the Supply Chain & Logistics Executive Workshop, we are able to get access to good candidates with vast experience in another industry. By putting them through an exacting selection process, we are able to ensure that the right candidate is placed in the right company. 

SCALA operates closed job portal that our vetted candidates have access to. These candidates were personally interviewed and approved by SCALA.

Interested in our candidates? Submit your open jobs to us for our portal or visit SCALA-IN for public profiles of our candidates.

Or visit SCALA-IN  to view profiles of ready and eligible candidates.

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