The Attach and Train (AnT) programme is a variant of the logistics Professional Conversion Programme (PCP). Whereas the PCP is offered to newly hired professionals, managers, executives and technicians (PMETs) in logistics roles, the AnT is for positions in anticipation of demand. Meaning that participating companies offer attachment to jobs that are projected to be in demand in the coming one year. 

Here are the details of the programme:​

Construct of the Programme

Participants will attend two weeks of training at SCALA and up to 50 weeks work attachment at participating companies.

Programme Fees

This is co-funded by WSG and SCALA.  Employers and individuals do not need to pay to participate.

Employment Status

Participants are not employees of the companies. Instead they are attached to the company to learn on the job with the intention of being converted to full-time employment once the role becomes available.


Companies are encouraged to convert their attachees as soon as possible, with the balance of allowance grants given to the company for early conversion


Participants are given monthly allowance based on the type of job.

Logistics Officer type roles will be receive $2,000 monthly allowance with WSG contributing $1,750 and the company, $250.

Logistics Executive type roles will be receive $3,200 monthly allowance with WSG contributing $2,800 and the company, $400.

Allowances do not attract CPF contributions

Typical Job Roles

logistics process improvement & info system

supply chain operations & customer service

logistics solutioning & prog management

warehousing & storage

fleet operations

freight forwarding


Participants are entitled to the leave benefits as provided to other employees.


Either the employer or the participant can request to the Surrogate Employer for transfer of attachment to another company.


This is a non-WSQ programme. There are no assessments nor Statements of Attainment. Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion by SCALA at the end of the programme.


Singaporean PMETs 40 years and older who are currently unemployed.

For the sake of clarity, unemployed refers to anyone who has not received CPF contributions for the past 3 months or more.


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